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Anthropologie Knock Off: Wooden Chalkboard Clips

18 Aug


This is going to be a quick little knock off that cost almost nothing. The inspiration from Anthropologie are these cute little wooden chalkboard clips. Now, I’m not really sure what they’re supposed to be used for. I’m guessing they’re meant to be used as place cards for dinner, or maybe labeling dishes at a party, or even just around the house. And for an item that I’m not really sure what its purpose is, I’m definitely not paying $10 for four of them.

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Chalkboard Spice Jars

4 Aug


I’ve had these jars pinned in my “I Could Make This” board on Pinterest for awhile now. I have a little thing for containers.  I’m constantly organizing and reorganizing, sometimes just as an excuse to use cute new containers. Now, the little jars my spices come in work fine for me, but I was pretty sure I could find some use for these somewhere. But at ten dollars a piece, that wasn’t going to happen.

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Botticino Marble Coasters

30 Jul

28840791_095_b - Copy

Apparently, the good people at Anthropologie do not find stolen bar coasters appropriate for protecting their precious wooden tables from water damage. Well fine, Anthropologie, I’ll look at your marble coasters painted with spines of vintage books. Okay, I’ll even like them a little. Alright, I want them.  But there is NO WAY you’re getting forty dollars from me for four coasters. Marble or not, that’s insane. They are super cute though….

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Pine Desk Caddy

26 Jun

Pine Desk Caddy - Anthropologie.com

I love the return to vintage that is so big right now – vintage clothing, vintage artwork, vintage decor, etc… ALL of it. So when I saw this little pine desk caddy at Anthropologie, I immediately added it to my “WANT! WANT! WANT!” list. I love the vintage bunny graphic and the warm, richly stained pine. But for $58 dollars, I was pretty sure I could get the look for WAY less.

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Chevron Frame

20 Jun


As a fan of all things chevron, while e-window shopping on Anthropologie’s website, I immediately zeroed in on this frame. I loved the pattern and the contrast of colors. What I didn’t love? The price tag – $28. Not completely unreasonable (like some other items on the site), but certainly out of my budget – almost thirty dollars for a single tabletop frame?

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Zinc Letters

18 Jun

ImageI saw these metal letters at Anthropologie and instantly loved them – the industrial look of the zinc metallic finish is so unique and would look great decorating a shelf. The only problem? These 8″ letters are $18.00. A piece. Like $18.00 per letter. Oh, and if you want the over sized 25″ letters? $98.00. For a purely decorative tchotchke? That’s not happening.

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