Coach Knock Off: Single Tassel Legacy Key Ring

30 Jun


This adorable little tassel key ring is right up my alley – cute, fairly useless, and pretty over priced. I saw this Coach tassel key ring at Macy’s for $38 and loved the look of it. I’m trying to streamline my keys and I think this would be a pretty perfect anchor (or more likely, something to spot when I’m searching the depths of my purse). But there is NO way I’m paying almost forty dollars for a key chain. Especially since it’s just a scrap of leather and two cheap pieces of metal. I know that the “important” part of this, I wont be able to replicate – the Coach tag. But I could really care less about brands, I like the look of this. And I knew I could make it for almost nothing.

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Pine Desk Caddy

26 Jun

Pine Desk Caddy -

I love the return to vintage that is so big right now – vintage clothing, vintage artwork, vintage decor, etc… ALL of it. So when I saw this little pine desk caddy at Anthropologie, I immediately added it to my “WANT! WANT! WANT!” list. I love the vintage bunny graphic and the warm, richly stained pine. But for $58 dollars, I was pretty sure I could get the look for WAY less.

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Chevron Frame

20 Jun


As a fan of all things chevron, while e-window shopping on Anthropologie’s website, I immediately zeroed in on this frame. I loved the pattern and the contrast of colors. What I didn’t love? The price tag – $28. Not completely unreasonable (like some other items on the site), but certainly out of my budget – almost thirty dollars for a single tabletop frame?

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Zinc Letters

18 Jun

ImageI saw these metal letters at Anthropologie and instantly loved them – the industrial look of the zinc metallic finish is so unique and would look great decorating a shelf. The only problem? These 8″ letters are $18.00. A piece. Like $18.00 per letter. Oh, and if you want the over sized 25″ letters? $98.00. For a purely decorative tchotchke? That’s not happening.

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