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Pottery Barn Knock Off: Paper Mache Pumpkin Luminaries

16 Oct


Oh, look at you cute little pumpkins! For some reason, whenever the holidays roll around (pretty much from October until January) I get extra crafty. Mainly, because I love any excuse to put up decorations. I saw these adorable little paper mache pumpkin luminaries at Pottery Barn and thought they were perfect for fall and also – perfect to recreate. Especially since they cost between $30 for the smallest orange pumpkin and $40 for the larger ivory one.

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Pottery Barn Knock Off: Rustic Wall Organizer (Calendar)

28 Aug

img36c - Copy

Usually, when I decide to start a craft project, it’s because I’ve seen something online or in a store that I really want, but don’t necessarily need. In this case, the need came first. While I LOVE my calendar on my smartphone, and use it on a daily basis, I still need a physical calendar so that I can see my month as a whole all at once. I started looking around and found this “Rustic Wall Organizer” at Pottery Barn. The dry erase calendar seemed like it would be perfect, well except for that pesky $199 price tag.

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