Anthropologie Knock Off: Wooden Chalkboard Clips

18 Aug


This is going to be a quick little knock off that cost almost nothing. The inspiration from Anthropologie are these cute little wooden chalkboard clips. Now, I’m not really sure what they’re supposed to be used for. I’m guessing they’re meant to be used as place cards for dinner, or maybe labeling dishes at a party, or even just around the house. And for an item that I’m not really sure what its purpose is, I’m definitely not paying $10 for four of them.


Now, these clips are pretty simple. They’re clothespins with little chalkboards glued on. That’s it. So, I picked up some clothespins at the Dollar Tree, some tiny wood rectangles at Michael’s, and I’m using some leftover chalkboard paint that I made for a previous project.


The rectangles are about twice as big as they needed to be, so I cut them in half using my trusty exacto knife and my improvised cutting mat (love that gigantic Ikea catalog).


Much better!


You’ll notice that the originals have a little wood border around the chalkboard, so I decided to tape of a teensy little bit of each wooden piece.


Next came two quick coats of the chalkboard paint.


Now, the paint bled a bit under the tape, so if I did this again, I might try outlining the label with a marker first to make the lines a little crisper.


A little bit of hot glue on the clothespin, and press each chalkboard on top.


All done! These maybe took five minutes to do.


I can imagine these looking pretty nice for a dinner party or even in hanging photos on a memo board. And for less than $.25 a piece, they’re definitely worth making, rather than buying.

Anthropologie Wooden Chalkboard Clips


– clothespins ($1 for three dozen)

-wooden rectangles ($.29 for one – which is cut in half)

-chalkboard paint (on hand, tutorial here)

-hot glue gun (on hand)


Anthropologie cost: $10 for four

Total cost for me? Less than $1 for four


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