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Pottery Barn Knock Off: Rustic Wall Organizer (Calendar)

28 Aug

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Usually, when I decide to start a craft project, it’s because I’ve seen something online or in a store that I really want, but don’t necessarily need. In this case, the need came first. While I LOVE my calendar on my smartphone, and use it on a daily basis, I still need a physical calendar so that I can see my month as a whole all at once. I started looking around and found this “Rustic Wall Organizer” at Pottery Barn. The dry erase calendar seemed like it would be perfect, well except for that pesky $199 price tag.

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Wooden Chalkboard Clips

18 Aug


This is going to be a quick little knock off that cost almost nothing. The inspiration from Anthropologie are these cute little wooden chalkboard clips. Now, I’m not really sure what they’re supposed to be used for. I’m guessing they’re meant to be used as place cards for dinner, or maybe labeling dishes at a party, or even just around the house. And for an item that I’m not really sure what its purpose is, I’m definitely not paying $10 for four of them.

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ModCloth Knock Off: Chef of Staff Recipe Box

13 Aug

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I’m fairly new to ModCloth, but I can pretty much always find something on there that I want desperately.  If you’re a first time visitor – you might get little scared by some of the more costumey retro clothing. There is some seriously authentic ’50s and ’60s apparel on there that initially made me a bit wary. But when you look around a little bit, there is a TON of modern clothing and home decor that has just a bit of a retro twist. Like this little recipe box. The top has a neat little 1950s diner logo, and the card dividers are photos of vintage diner signs and menus. So cute. The only problem? It’s $40 for the box. Unless you’re going to personally transfer all of my scattered recipes to the recipe cards, I think I can handle this for WAY less.

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Apartment 48 Knock Off: Colored Pencil Picture Frame

6 Aug



I don’t know if these frames were meant to be for a kid’s room or for adult’s, but I love them. The mixing of colors is neat, and I like how they’ve framed semi-serious, adult photos with children’s art supplies. Now, for the larger 4″ x 6″ frame, Apartment 48 is asking $45 dollars. Seriously – for a frame made of colored pencils?

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Anthropologie Knock Off: Chalkboard Spice Jars

4 Aug


I’ve had these jars pinned in my “I Could Make This” board on Pinterest for awhile now. I have a little thing for containers.  I’m constantly organizing and reorganizing, sometimes just as an excuse to use cute new containers. Now, the little jars my spices come in work fine for me, but I was pretty sure I could find some use for these somewhere. But at ten dollars a piece, that wasn’t going to happen.

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