Anthropologie Knock Off: Chevron Frame

20 Jun


As a fan of all things chevron, while e-window shopping on Anthropologie’s website, I immediately zeroed in on this frame. I loved the pattern and the contrast of colors. What I didn’t love? The price tag – $28. Not completely unreasonable (like some other items on the site), but certainly out of my budget – almost thirty dollars for a single tabletop frame?

Now, I knew there were certain aspects of this frame I could recreate, and others I could not. The simple chevron pattern? Easy. The shape and color scene? Pretty much. The BONE inlay? Nope. Don’t think I can find that in a craft store. While the bone does give the frame a really interesting texture, I think using a combination of brushes and sponges on a wood frame would create a similar effect.


So, where to begin? In this case, I started with a $1.99 unfinshed wood frame from Michael’s. Same basic size, same shape, the wood tone is pretty close to the white portion of the chevron. And best of all – cheap.

To create the pattern, I decided to try to stencil it. I printed a basic chevron pattern (scaled to three different sizes so that I could see which one fit best) on a thick piece of paper. For the color, I picked a bright red acryilic paint.


To make the stencil, I used an exacto knife to cut out one “line” of the chevron. To make sure the stencil would be easy to line up with the previous line, I cut the top of the stencil across the chevron line. Here, I cut out the white “line” and cut across the top of the black “line” above it to create the top of the stencil.  I left a teensy connector piece in the middle for stability.

Using a sponge brush I painted the first chevron, lining up the top of the cut-out with the top of the frame. Then, I moved the stencil down, lining up the top with the bottom of the newly painted line. I continued this pattern all the way down the frame.


I finished by touching up the lines with a small craft paint brush. Some lines were straighter and cleaner than others, and the bottom chevron looks a little thick (largely because of how the placement turned out, a bit because the stencil was getting a little loose at that point) but the overall effect was what I wanted, and the lines of the original were not perfectly uniform either.

Now, Anthropologie apparently wanted this frame in order to display their 4×6 black and tan palm leaf print. I guess if that’s what you’re into…


However, I’d like to display something a little cherrier, so puppies it is!


This frame looks pretty adorable tucked next to some books on a shelf.


And for under $3 and less than 15 minutes of work, I love it even more!

Chevron Frame

– Wooden Frame – $2
– Acryilic paint – on hand

Anthropologie cost: $28
Total cost for me? $2



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